It was primarily used as an antidepressant in the past, however it was later found that it dissolves and is „eliminated“ from the body too quickly to act as an antidepressant. But they found out that the compound itself has a positive impact on a man’s erection, more specifically his duration and ability to hold out till it’s the right time. But for a drug to be truly effective, you need to take it daily. You don’t have to worry about some residue or negative impact on your health, since these drugs won’t really stay long in your body. That’s why they are so popular.

When you are using dapoxetine

You should always be aware of potentional side effects that are mostly headache or backpain or even a little nausea. Although generally safe drug that causes no harm, to some people it might be the worst. People with moderate to severe hepatic impairment, heart failure, permanent pacemaker or other ischemic disease should never use this product. There are also drugs, which are listed on the back of the package, that are not compatible with dapoxetine and you should always wait at least 14 days before you will start using this.